Welcome to AAPA DoP blog

My name is Wonyoung Cho (pronounced one-young), and I’m the current communication chair for the Division on Practice (DoP). I’m excited to assist the DoP in presenting this space where we can stay connected in community and dialogue as mental health practitioners.

It has been difficult to figure out how I wanted to open up this blog space because I have so much hope for what this space to look like, and was having trouble forming it into a blog post.

First and foremost, I wanted to welcome visitors and members of the DoP who are stopping by to read the blog. It is a space in which I hope one can find connection and dialogue. I hope that you feel welcomed to find community through this space and also to contribute your much needed voice here on this blog.

I also wanted to acknowledge the troubling climate of the current times in the United States. Some of these continued issues include gun violence and mass shootings, conflict of policies over immigration, and increased hostilities toward (thus vulnerability of) people of marginalized identities. I wanted to acknowledge the critical role of the AAPA community, and specifically each and every individual clinicians who are supporting some of our most vulnerable individuals in our communities during these times.

Perhaps because of this current context, it felt even more compelling to recognize the complexities of our difficult and crucial work as mental health clinicians on all personal, professional, and societal levels in the current political climate of the United States. Our work as mental health professionals of color during these trying times can be isolating, discouraging, and depleting. At the same time, it seems ever more crucial that we continue the work in whatever ways we can–in surviving, resisting, and actively fighting against the rising tide of anxiety and fear. I wanted to express how important it felt to me as an individual mental health professional to connect with supportive communities to stay energized, encouraged, and recharged.

It is my hope that this is one of those connection spaces where we can share our passions, concerns, hopes, and fears to stay fueled in doing our work as mental health clinicians. It is my hope that you will not only find a voice who you can identify and connect with, but also find this to be a welcoming space to offer your voice for other mental health clinicians to be encouraged and recharged by.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, as well as offer any feedback, please contact us. here.

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