Divion on Practice Updates

By Ulash Thakore-Dunlap and Thuy Truong

Thank you to all our members for your ongoing support! We are grateful to have you be a part of this momentum and are appreciative of your contributions and feedback. As our division continues to grow, we are excited to share some updates regarding our upcoming projects to support the needs of our members and the AAPI community. We hope that you continue on this journey with us as we embark on these projects.

The DoP Website and Blog

The DoP website, https://aapadop.wordpress.com/, is a platform through which we hope to connect researchers and practitioners to promote mental health wellness for the AAPI community. Please visit to learn more about the executive committee, DoP’s goals and mission, and resources. Additionally, the blog section offers articles and postings on clinical practices, struggles within the AAPI community, and clinician perspectives. We are always looking for writers to capture new ideas and talent, so if you are able to provide an entry, please contact our communications officer, WonYoung Cho at wonyoung.lmft@gmail.com . Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DivisionOnPractice2016/.

The Clinical Referral Board

We are currently developing a clinical referral board with AAPA. The clinical referral board will provide a list of current DoP members who are licensed practitioners. We hope that the clinical referral board will provide an avenue for AAPI clients to connect with a clinician whom meets their cultural and clinical needs. Please come back to our site in the future for more updates.

Other Exciting Projects in the Pipeline

We are excited about other projects in the pipeline including webinars for our members on topics related to clinical practices and needs of our AAPI community. If you have any suggestions for the webinars, please contact our Chair-Elect, Dr. Meiyang Kadaba at meiyang.liu@gmail.com. Additionally, we will be looking for ways for members to connect locally to build a stronger, more cohesive community.

Together, we hope to create connections to support our AAPI practitioners, so in turn we can support our community. If you have any questions, want to be a member, or volunteer, please feel free to contact either Ulash Thakore-Dunlap, ulashmind@gmail.com or Thuy Truong, truong.psyd@gmail.com .


DoP Executive Committee members:

Chair: Ulash Thakore-Dunlap | Co-Chair: Thuy Truong | Chair-elect: Meiyang Kabada | Membership: Joanna Maung | Treasurer: Judy Huang | Secretary/Historian: Susan Han | Communications: WonYoung Cho | Student Representative: Keziah Lyu

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