Letter from Dr. Frances C. Shen

It is my honor to serve as the second Chair of the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on Practice (AAPA DoP). My dear friend, Winnie Hsieh and I began working together in as co-Chairs of the AAPA Practice Task Force in 2014, with the mission of enhancing the visibility of practitioners within the AAPA, increasing their engagement within the organization, and advocating on behalf of their interests. We dreamed of creating a space for practitioners and researchers to network and collaborate on ways to better serve the AAPI community. In these two years, we realized that the work we were doing not only addressed a real need within the AAPA, but that it needed to be an ongoing and continuous effort. Together, we transformed the task force into a permanent division within the AAPA in 2016. 

In the two short years since the Division on Practice was first established, we have now grown to almost 80 members! As one of the youngest divisions within the AAPA, we have been focused on establishing a foundation for our division. In our first year, we began to establish an Internet and social media presence through the AAPA webpage and creating a DoP Facebook page. We participated in a retreat hosted by the AAPA in December 2016 in order to better understand the role that DoP can play within the AAPA organization as a whole. We also established our presence at the 2017 AAPA Convention by hosting a lunch meeting with our DoP members to learn of their visions for the division and how we can better meet their needs, as well as presenting an interactive session on practitioner-focused issues. 

In this second year, the DoP executive committee and I have been working hard to continue these efforts to further establish the division. We have been focused on developing the platform and resources necessary to work towards our mission and respond to the needs of our membership. Specifically, we have developed our own webpage to enhance our visibility and serve as a professional development resource and hub for our members. We are also working on developing a webinar platform to link within our website so that we can offer professional development resources throughout the year to our members. At the same time, we are working with the AAPA executive committee to develop and establish a referral board so that practitioners can advertise and promote their mental health services. We are excited that this will be a complimentary benefit to DoP members, and that the referral board will be managed by the DoP. Finally, we are continuing to promote practitioner issues within the AAPA by actively participating in various activities at the 2018 AAPA Convention. In addition to hosting a divisional lunch and presenting an interactive session, we plan to engage in additional conventional programming on practice-related issues and promote networking through social hours. 

We are excited about the growth and development of the DoP, and hope that you are too! Please continue to share with us your ideas and visions for the DoP. We also welcome and encourage your involvement within the division. Please look through our website for how to join the division and ways to get involved. There are numerous leadership opportunities available for you to become involved in shaping the division!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Convention! 

Frances C. Shen

Chair, AAPA Division on Practice